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Thermo-Pak is a Licensed Drug Distributor & Re-packager, Licensed Drug Distributor for Controlled Substances: Schedules 3, 3N, 4 and L1.
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Pharmaceutical Package Design and Assembly

Pharmaceutical Package Design

Pharmaceutical Package Design

The design of your final blister package is crucial to your specific product and marketing needs. When designing your blister card we keep size, shape, count and configuration in mind. Our in-house engineers have the knowledge and expertise to build the exact tooling to fit your tablet or capsule. What can take some companies weeks and months to craft, our engineers can have ready for our packaging lines within days. This allows us to pass on a considerable savings to our customers. Not only can we build our tooling in a fraction of the time, but we are also able to pass on a considerable savings to our customers by avoiding a third party.

Engineering Capabilities for Blister Packaging:

  • Customized blister tooling
  • Perforating and Die cutting
  • Customized blister forming
  • Quick turnaround
  • Child-resistant Opening features



Thermo-Pak is proud to offer customers secondary packaging solutions in a separate area that is dedicated to carding, cartoning and assembly of finished products. Check weighers are used with all cartoning machines to ensure quality along side experienced personel. Inserts, stickers, tamper resistant seals and labels are all part of the secondary process and are applied according to customer specifications. Whether it is a turn key project or just assembly that you need; Thermo-Pak is always willing to help.

Cartoning Capabilities Include:

  • Cartons, Cards, Compliance Packs
  • Card Sealing
  • Bar code print
  • Data Matrix Design
  • Check weighing

Assembly Capabilities Include:

  • Hand assembly
  • Point of Purchase assembly
  • Shrink wrapping and shrink banding

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